Nothing To Fear But…Well, Stuff I Guess. Fear And How You What Can Be Done With It.

Fear.  Fear is one hell of a thing.  It can be an amazing motivator, a great preventive and an enlightened educator.  Fear can be the thing that will keep you from getting yourself killed.  Your proto ancestors are proof.  If it was not for fear, when they saw that sabretooth cat they would have said, “oooo kitty, me pet.” instead of “ooo big death kitty, me run now!” (at least after that first time when Augh got eaten, but that is another story).  Fear is also the thing that tells you that MAYBE you should not go down that sketchy looking unlit alley at 3am.  Fear can also be the thing to make you pause to make sure that you have everything in place before doing something.  So, as I said, fear can be a good thing. 

Fear can also be a cruel implement, a method of torcher and destroyer of things never started.  In the wrong hands, fear can me worse than any amount of physical pain.  Some people use fear to maintain control over others.  Fear can also be used to break people down.  If you have been unlucky enough to be in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship you understand this point far too well.  Fear can also stop things in their tracks before they even get started.  So, fear is something to be…well feared, in the wrong hands. 

“Ok Bear, so we all know that fear can be both good and bad.  What it the name of Great Oden’s beard dose that have to do with a blog?”  Well I am glad you asked.  Blogs, like life, can just be affected by fear (Hold on now, hang in there with me.  I promise that I will at least try to make this analogy work).  When I sit down to write, I fear that I will not put out something that is worth reading (I know that, over time, many of you will wish that I had put more time and energy into this fear but that is neither here nor there right now).  In this instant, fear can be a good thing.  It drives me to attempt to put of the best writing that I can.  Fear can also help me choose what topics I choose to cover.  Fear makes me think about how my topic of choice will be received.  There are times where I choose to NOT post on a topic in fear of offending to many people.  No, I do not conceder this pandering or compromising honesty or integrity.  This blog is not here to troll, stir the pot or get people spun up…not most of the times anyway. 

Fear too can also be the death of a blog.  There have been many times that I wanted to start this blog but did not out of fear.  What if no one likes my writing? What if I sound like an idiot?  What is no one even reads my blog?  Or worse, what is people DO read it?  In these ways, fear stopped me dead.  I had to come to a point where I wanted it more then I feared it.  And when I feared it more, I had to just gut it through and do it anyway. 

“Good job Bear!  We just spent the last few minutes reading your ramblings about fear.  Now what in the Sam Hill does this have to do with us and our lives?!”  Well…a lot!  What I want you, my lovely and amazing readers, to take away from this short “rambling” is simple.  Fear can either mold you are control you.  It will make you better or make you into nothing.  It is all in how you choose to react to it.  If I allow fear to stop me from blogging (or other things that I enjoy and are passionate about), then I have allowed fear to destroy my ideas and dreams.  BUT if I harness fear and use it to hone me, as steel is used to hone a blade, then fear becomes a very useful and almost necessary tool.  In the end, the choice is mine, and also yours.


Bear on the Road

2 thoughts on “Nothing To Fear But…Well, Stuff I Guess. Fear And How You What Can Be Done With It.

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  1. Awesome! Love that you pushed past the fear. I’m excited to read more! You should listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast. So much good stuff about pushing past the fear. 😉


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